Health Benefits Of Green Tea For Seniors

Green tea has been known to be a healthy choice to add to diets no matter ones age. Studies have show that the health benefits can be very good for seniors who drink the beverage daily. There are many different things that make this specific kind of tea a healthy option. Take a look at the list below to see what kind of benefits seniors get from drinking green tea. 1. Seniors who drink green tea daily have shown more mental sharpness and have remained self sufficient longer.  2. Significant weight loss is related to consuming green tea.  3. Green tea...

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How To Decorate Your Traditional Tea Room

Having a cup of tea is part of a lot of peoples routines. Whether it's casual or with a group of friends the setting can play a huge role in making the experience better. One way to improve the experience is having a tea room that you can either enjoy tea on your own or host your own tea party. Take a look below on how to design your tea room for the best experience possible. - Decorating walls with a wood design creates a traditional look - Colors such as maize, gold, or celadon are great for the walls...

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Wedding Gifts They Never Thought They'd Want

It's always a special day when two people decide the knot. One thing that makes it so special is the people that join them for the event. Family and friends come from all over to celebrate the special day. As a guest you are usually required to bring a gift. Most of the time there is a registry for people to go off of, but that isn't always the case. So what do you do in that situation? Just take a look below at the list of gift ideas that will ensure yours is a special one. 1. World map with...

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